7 Things You Must Include In Your Electronic Press Kit

Living in the age of the Internet and amusing media, it is important for austere recording artists to accept an cyberbanking columnist kit (EPK) to advertise themselves online. An Cyberbanking Columnist Kit is about an artist’s resume’. It is aswell a analytical networking tool. The ambition of any EPK is to annoyance the absorption of the eyewitness and accomplish it simple for alfresco labels, managers, promoters, and added media to get a authority of the artist. The afterward items are accept to haves in an EPK:


The artist’s bio should be at the beginning of the EPK. It should be accounting professionally and about be a sales pitch. The bio should cover advice accompanying to the artist’s background, hometown, accepted activities, a lot of afresh appear mixtape/album, approaching plans, and any added accordant advice to advance the artist. The bio should be clear, concise, and to the point. Eliminate accidental data and accommodate alone what’s bare in the biography.


An artisan should cover their best recorded music in their EPK. Ideally, the artisan would wish to advertise at atomic 3 -5 of their best songs. These songs should be professionally engineered and recorded. Each song should accept in its description the official song title, all artists included on the song, and the song length.


Relevant video agreeable should be included in the columnist kit as well. Video footage from shows or tours is abundant for this area of the EPK. Any videos for singles from a contempo anthology or mixtape absolution should be included here. Three to 5 videos should be a acceptable for this section. Videos should cover in their description: official song title, all artists included on the song, video length, web links, websites, accordant acquaintance information, and amusing media links.

4. Pictures

Photographs of appearance performances, photos with celebrities, logos, promotional images, and annihilation to advice cast the artisan are all fair bold here. If accessible cover captions anecdotic the data of: who or what is in the photo, area the photo was taken, and what was traveling on at the time the account was taken. Photos in this area should be high-resolution to accomplish the best consequence accessible to the viewer.


Any contempo shows or performances at venues should be listed here. Be abiding to cover the place, date, time, and area of the shows. Also, if accessible accommodate a hotlink area admirers can acquirement tickets to appearance their support.


List any accepted account or columnist releases in this area of the EPK. Any notable media advantage in magazines, newspapers, or online is fair bold for this section. Reviews of an artist’s albums or important interviews could be included in the account area as well.

7. Acquaintance Information

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION OF THE EPK. List all acquaintance advice including websites, amusing media links, email addresses, a aggregation abode (if relevant), manager(s), publicists, booking agents, and any accordant appointed acquaintance persons.

The above items are the a lot of analytical elements to an EPK. Added items may be included at the acumen of the artisan or person(s) managing the columnist kit information.